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What is co-packaging, and how is Kenny Bob's Foods different than other

Great question, we get it all the time! Wether you're just starting out bottling your own creation for market, or you're an experienced professional looking to take something off your to-do list, Kenny Bob's Foods is here to help.


With flexible, small-batch order minimums and the sincere understanding of what it's like to be the "little guy" in the sauce industry (learn more about our story here), we'll answer all your questions and get you ready to have your product on shelves in no time. But before we talk, let's dive into the benefits and cost benefits of co-packaging so you know what to expect!

Why Use Co-Packing Services?

With contract packaging, or co-packing, we handle creating and bottling your products in any batch size you need so that you can focus on what matters: marketing your product and getting it on shelves to sell!

We will order your ingredients for your products, ensure the recipe is great for a small or large-scale batch, ensure that the nutritional values on labels are accurate, and even make the labels if you need. We're the "soup to nuts" part of your food product creation.

Cost savings

Don't tie up capital in all of the equipment it takes to create and bottle your products. Our facilities are well-equipped to create and bottle your product at a fraction of the cost compared to setting up your own kitchen to do so.

Flexible and agile packing options.

Large or small glass or plastic bottles, tins, tubs, you name it - we've packaged food in it! Let's create the perfect packaging for you.

Fast turnaround.

Our standard turnaround time is two weeks which makes it easy to get the product created, bottled, batched and ready for you to pick up to get it into consumers' hands.

Focus on what matters.

Using a contract packaging company frees your resources to focus on product development and growing your business.

Co-Packaging Applications

A contract packager can help you deploy a wide range of packaging designs and configurations to accommodate many different needs. 

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