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Ken & Brenda Allen, co-founders of Kenny Bob's Foods

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Ken, and his wife Brenda,

co-founded Kenny Bob’s Foods, Inc. in 2015.

"If you are reading this, you and I may have a lot in common. In 2017 I became a client of a co-packer to begin bottling my sauce for retail sales. Knowing how difficult that process can be, at times prompted me to begin planning to become my own producer. Since that thought became a reality, I discovered many people in the same boat I was. A small producer having to buy large minimum orders just to get my business off the ground. We love small producers; It is the one thing that sets Kenny Bob’s Foods apart from the others."


-Ken Allen

Kenny Bob’s Foods core values:


  • We believe in family: Our family consists of our employees, our customers, and our community.  We take care of family.

  • We believe in doing the right thing, regardless of the consequences.

  • We believe in treating all people equally, equitably and fairly.


Our promise to you is we will put as much care and attention into your creation as we do our own. Give us a chance, get to know us, we will make you feel like family until you become family.

Our Team

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